TAB was established in 1965 as a subsidiary of Rudnik Mežica Holding (Lead Mine Mežica Holding) in a region where different lead activities are more than 350 years old.

For the first 15 years TAB was a licence partner of Tudor, Sweden. Nowdays, TAB is producing a wide range of lead acid flooded, VRLA AGM and VRLA Gel batteries in two modern factories with 400 employees:

  • The 1st factory is producing batteries sold under the house TAB brands Topla, and TAB, plus First Equipment-OEM with annual capacity of 2.000.000 pieces;
  • The 2nd factory is for the production of industrial batteries, trade mark TAB, annual capacity is 1.000.000 pieces of medium size traction and stationary cells.
  • In TAB also various military batteries are produced.
  • High quality batteries are known worldwide especially in Europe, Asia and America.
  • TAB are OEM suppliers to Massey Ferguson, Ingersoll Rand and the Kion Industrial Group
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