The engineers at MidNite Solar have been designing renewable energy disconnect boxes for twenty years. The majority of the existing disconnect boxes were designed by us. We think we have finally got it right. People in the industry have spent years teaching us what is important to them. Our E-Panels take care of the over current and disconnect requirements. This allows you to devote more of your hard earned money to the performance components such as PV panels, power electronics and batteries

In Prism Solars opinion  Midnite Solar are the forefront of Renewable Energy balance of system parts for Outback, Magnum Engergy and Xantrex Inverter Charger Systems. They offer significant savings on building a user friendly safe easy to operate Power system. They also produce a range of Universal boxes such as the Mini DC Disconnect which will work with any Inverter Charger Model we stock the Mini MNDC

They are also at the cutting edge of MPPT Charge controllers design being deeply involved in the creation of the world famous Outback MX60 now the Flexmax 60. Midnight has now launched a world  class leading MPPT charge controller The Classic is NOW IN STOCK models  150,200 and 250  The Classic 150 can handle up to 96 amps of PV power. Fitted as standard are ethernet, wifi for remote system monitoring USB and RS232. Firmware is user upgradable ! The Classic is also suitable in Hydro and Wind Turbine applications .

The  Classic + Clipper is for Windturbines yes a MPPT CC for wind turbines having shown impressive harvest gains of up to  250 % on some turbine Models .

Many more new and exciting products are coming out the doors at Midnight Solar for 2012


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