Information about Solar Kits with Lithium batteries

Solar kits with lithium batteries differ by the technology of their batteries. In this case the electrolyte instead of being liquid in the form of acid or gelled as in lead-acid batteries, is in a lithium salt form to make the chemical reaction. It can be lithium ions, polymers, iron phosphates and many more variants of a common component such as lithium. The durability of the lithium batteries will be significantly increased compared to lead batteries, will allow a greater amount of charge and discharge cycles and will support deeper discharges and the kits with lithium batteries present can be installed indoors without danger of poisoning. In exchange, the price is much higher and the delicate operation of these batteries makes them sensitive to high temperatures, incorporating advanced control systems for safe and reliable operation. The lithium batteries that accompany these lithium solar kits or solar kits with lithium batteries are the most efficient of the entire market, above the GEL models. Any lithium solar kits or solar kits with lithium batteries offered at Prism Solar have a simple installation and technical support will be provided for proper understanding and commissioning.

Choosing a Solar Lithium Kit

The choice of lithium solar kits or solar kits with lithium batteries should be made depending on the consumption that is intended to be covered and the desired or expected autonomy. The lithium solar kits or solar kits with lithium batteries, allow extensions with more solar power according to the new needs that may appear. Depending on some models, more accumulators may be added for greater autonomy and storage. It is possible to incorporate in all solar energy kits for isolated houses the necessary complements such as structures depending on the surface where the panels will be installed. In all its forms, lithium solar kits or solar kits with lithium batteries may make the power consumption of the supply company expendable if desired. However, they are fully compatible with an external power source that allows to cover consumption in cases of low production or to make an emergency recharge of the battery.

Benefits offered by lithium solar kits

These lithium solar kits or solar kits with lithium batteries have a lithium battery (the choice of these will be based on the desired autonomy) that allow the storage of the electricity produced by the solar panels so that electricity can be available as needed. With the installation of a solar kit with lithium batteries you must not pay the so-called ‘electric tolls’ or register your solar kit or isolated photovoltaic installation in any public body, since with this type of isolated photovoltaic kits no electricity is injected into the electrical network, all the electricity passes from the panels to the batteries and to the inverter directly which is the one that feeds the electrical devices that are being used. In this section we have solar kits with pre-designed lithium batteries of powers from 3000W. In case none meets your needs, do not hesitate to contact us so we can make a custom solar kit. With lithium solar kits or Solar Kits with lithium batteries, you can access the energy you need in a much more affordable way both in the practical and economical medium and long term. Solar lithium kits or solar kits with lithium batteries is the optimal choice for rural houses, chalets, townhouses, warehouses, etc …

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