2v BAE Gel 6PVV 900 729ah @c10 968ah @c100 Gel Battery


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BAE Secura PVV batteries are used to store energy in medium and large sized renewable energy installations. They are a good choice for high cyclical requirements because of the excellent recharging behavior they have, which gives them a long lifespan.
GEL solar batteries do not require maintenance, as they do not need to be refilled during operation nor have to check the electrolyte level.
Stationary battery composed of 6 glasses of 2V each. The set is also known as solar accumulator.
Design with sealed housing to ensure tactile protection.
The solar accumulators are designed for isolated installations of high consumption or consumption continuously.
To lengthen the life of the battery it is essential to use a charge regulator and quality inverters.
Number of cycles:

Stationary batteries BAE secura solar PVEL GEL provide about 8000 cycles with discharge depths of 20%, about 3000 cycles with 50% discharges and about 1500 cycles with discharge depths of 80%



Positive plate – high resistance to corrosion thanks to the positive tubular plate protected with solid cover of polyester grid and low antimony content
Negative plate – grid plate made with an expandable material of long duration and with an alloy with low antimony content
Separation – by means of a microporous separator
Electrolyte- Sulfuric acid with a density of 1.24 kg / l at 20ºC
Container – very resistant to impacts and gray
Valve- Opening pressure of 120mbar approx. One valve per element
BAE Panzerpol terminals – 100% gas and electrolyte resistant, plastic coating for perfect reliability
Protection – IP 25 in accordance with standard EN 60529, contact protection according to VBG 4



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