Prism Solar on grid kit single phase 3300W zero injection


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Kit of ongrid of 3000W of nominal power, ideal for houses with a moderate consumption during the day or with little space for the placement of the panels.
The system will inject the energy generated directly for consumption, if necessary the ESolar will adjust the generation to consumption so that nothing is injected into the network.
This kit is composed of:
1 Sununo Plus 3.0K inverter
12 Polycrystalline Panels of 275W, 1640 / 1650×990 / 992 (the system can work with a minimum of 3 panels)
1 ESolar. avoids network injection
1 Assembly kit complanar in a vertical row, It is not what you need ?, In our section of Assembly Kits you will find different solutions, you just have to subtract the price of the above reference and add the system you need, for example 2 rows of 3 panels.

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