Rolls Water Miser Cap

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Rolls Water Miser

Battery Safety Vent Caps

Save your expensive batteries by saving your water! These battery caps are engineered to substantially reduce the need for equalization of batteries. The incorporated Flip Top vent cap design makes the Water Miser the most technologically advanced battery vent available. Keeps all batteries dry and acid free.

Keeps Batteries Dry / Acid Free   YES  
 Reduces Watering Intervals (60%)   YES  
 Prevents Corrosion   YES  
 Spark & Flame Arrestor   YES  
 Reduces Electrolyte Gassing   YES  
 Prolongs Battery Life   YES  
 Electrolyte Condensing Pellets    YES  
 Electrolyte Gravities are Stabilized   YES  
 Flip Top Orientation   YES  
 360 Degree Rotation   YES  
 Electrolyte Condensing Chamber   YES  
 Electrolyte Return Probe   YES  
 Bayonet Style 1/4 Turn Screw-in   YES  
 Cap to Battery Sealing Gasket   YES  
 Accepts 3/4" Single Cell Fillers   YES  
 Reduces Labor Costs

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