Turbo Energy 5 OPzS 550 396Ah @C10 544Ah @C100 2V

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Batteries of long-lasting flooded tubular plate with transparent SAN container.

Stationary batteries of type OPzS of 2V are indicated for the power supply of isolated photovoltaic solar systems, small power wind, hybrid installations with diesel generator, pumping systems, rural electrification, telecommunications and signaling, computers, emergency lighting, alarms , airports or maritime navigation.

European manufacturing
Up to 2 years warranty per manufacturer


Average Life Expectancy in Optimal Conditions & Operation is 15 years.

The  OPzS batteries are distinguished for:

  • High capacity
  • Long life time
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Low self-discharging
  • Quick and simple acid level control
  • Economical water consumption
  • Appropriate dimensions and weight
  • The lowest and constant maintenance current
  • Because of there extremly low self discharge are optimal in solar installations
  • The 5 OPzS 550 is rated at 396ah @ C10 and 544 ah @C100
  • Dimensions for 550 model  are 471mm Tall 124mm Long and 206mm wide
  • Includes Battery Interconnects
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Please note Pictures are representitive and vary in dimensions for each battery model as indicated in above text


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