Delta CA302R

€66,30 €56,10

Product Code: CA302R

Lightning and surge arrestors are a vital part of any off-grid solar system. It is also important to protect BOTH the DC side and the AC side (if you have an inverter). Most people only put lighting protection on the DC input side to the charge controller, but 75% of the "hits" we see are inverters that have been taken out by the large EMP and electro-static discarge coming in on the AC side. In lighting prone areas, for maximum protection you should have 4 devices - a DC arrrestor on the input side to the charge controller, an AC arrestor on the AC output side of the inverter, and a surge capacitor on the AC output side of the inverter. An arrestor catches the wide slow spikes, while the capacitor catches the very high voltage fast spikes. Finally an AC Arrestor for the Generator input to the Invertor

  The CA302R is a Surge Capacitor fitted to the AC Output of the Inverter

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