Omnicharge 24 volt 80 amp PFC Charger

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Product Code: OMNF39IB41

Omni Charge 24 volt 80 amp PFC 4 stage Battery Charger 

TBS Electronics has recently introduced a number of newly developed state of the art programmable battery chargers. The latest power conversion techniques have been incorporated to set new reliability and efficiency standards.

Combining new power conversion techniques and the best available parts with years of power electronics design expertise, the Omnicharge battery chargers will deliver long life performance even in the most demanding applications. A unique active rectifier output stage ensures unmatched efficiency figures. Combined with active PFC, the Onmicharge battery chargers are very energy efficient. This will reduce running costs and guarantees a maximum charge current per AC Watt.

All Omnicharge battery chargers are equipped with advanced 4 stage charging algorithms and temperature compensation for optimal battery performance and long lifetimes. Users are also allowed to create a custom charging algorithm for their specific battery, using the TBS "Dashboard" software. The standard available TBSLink port enables remote control and readout via the optional TBS Universal Remote Panel.

All Omnicharge battery chargers come standard with a temperature sensor, crimp terminals, mounting screws and a clear installation- and owner's manual. 

Prism Solar adds that with PFC (power factor corrected) charging less AC power is used to obtain rated charging power, with universal AC input power back up generators even those with poor output and voltage regulation can be utilized. 

Recomended battery size between 300 ah and 500 ah, but please confirm this with you individual battery manufacurer.


   Fully programmable
Robust design
Universal input with PFC
Very efficient
Protected against high temp., short circuit, reverse polarity
Two outputs
Variable speed fan for silent operation
Intelligent charging algorithms
TBSLink port
Remote on/off and alarm relay connections
CE and E-mark certified
24 month warranty

Electric vehicles
Industrial systems
Service vehicles
Maritime applications

User Manual English PDF  Brochure