Prism Solar offgrid kit 3000W 24v 6000WH Day


Product Code: PRIC2OBS36

Solar kit 3000W at 24V 6000Wh day.
What solar kit do I need?
To choose correctly we must take into account several factors, the power of the inverter, the energy we need to store in batteries and the days of autonomy.
The power of the inverter:
You will have this data adding the power of all the equipment you can have connected at the same time, for example, the refrigerator: 500W, the lights: 200W, the 600W microwave, the 600W washing machine, the TV, the chargers ... it is advisable to choose a team of a somewhat higher power, we always end up using unforeseen things.
The batteries:
To calculate the necessary batteries, you will have to calculate the time of use in addition to the power, for example:
5 lights of 20W 5h a day: 5x20x5 = 500Wh
1 washing machine of 500W 1,5h per day: 1x500x1,5 = 750Wh
2 300W 3h computers per day: 2x300x3 = 1800Wh
2 TVs of 200W 5h per day: 2x200x5 = 2000Wh
Total daily consumption 5,050Wh / day
Days of autonomy:
Our estimated daily consumption for the days of autonomy, or what is the same, the days that we can have electricity without charging the batteries. In our calculations we have two days, you can put a support generator or ask us to calculate it for you.
Once you have calculated the power of the inverter and daily consumption you can choose one of our kit, the name of each tells you both data "Solar kit 3000W (the power of the inverter) to 24V 6000Wh (estimated daily consumption)
As far as possible try to be "generous" with the accounts, we understand that it is an important investment but most of the complaints in this type of kits is due to lack of capacity, something that is well taken from an initial miscalculation.
This Kit includes:
6 Polycrystalline solar panels of 275W, always class A with 10 years of product warranty and 25 years of production guarantee, the installation will be in 2 groups of 3 panels in Series.
1 Axpert inverter VM 3K Plus 24V 60a MPPT "Technical data sheet" with two years warranty, this equipment in addition to converting electricity to alternating current so you can use it has an MPPT charger incorporated for optimal use of the panels.
12 batteries BAE 5 PVS 550 (495a C100), data sheet are acid lead batteries with maintenance, you should check the levels or incorporate an automatic charging system.
Kit structure triangles at 30º, "Assembly manual" one of our best-selling kits, you can install it with ballast or screwed on a flat surface, if your roof has already the optimal orientation and inclination you can ask us to change it to a system of coplanar assembly "Assembly manual"
MC4 connector kit, 4mm solar cable to connect the series with the inverter, 20 ml, will it be enough? Measure the distance and adjust it.
Connection cable from the inverter to the batteries, 5 Ml, does not it arrive? You know, measure and adjust.

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