Solar Kit Lithium Pylontech 4,8kWh 3000W 7400Whdia


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The Solar Kit Lithium Pylontech 4,8kWh 3000W 7400Whdia is a system to power consumption of an occasional, weekend or summer house, with low power consumption, monitoring outside production hours. Thanks to its 2 Lithium batteries and its 3000W inverter, we can start from an isolated system that will allow us very interesting extensions to be able to have total self-sufficiency in an isolated installation or also with connection to the power grid only as a backup. Its 4 panels ensure solar production according to moderate consumption or weekend use. We can increase in panels up to 12 units and batteries to quadruple the capacity without the need for any additional complement. In addition to the material mentioned, the electrical accessories that can be visualized on this same page are attached to be able to make the different connections between the equipment and also the supports to place the tower-shaped batteries.

Solar Kit Lithium Pylontech 4,8kWh 3000W 7400Whdia

Energy captured in one day: 4440 Wh / day in winter and 10360 Wh / day in summer.

Common consumptions that the Pylontech 4,8kWh 3000W 7400Whdia Solar Lithium Kit can cover. The production estimate has been taken with a minimum of 3 hours of peak sun for winter, while in summer, 7 hours of sun have been taken.

1 x Fridge A +++

2 x Mobile charges for 3h / day

1 x 50W Flat TV for 4h / day

8 x 10W Led Lights for 4h / day

1 x Laptop for 4h / day

Inverter stand-by consumption up to 3000W

Components of the Solar Kit Lithium Pylontech 4,8kWh 3000W 6600Whdia

4x Solar Panel 370W at 24V Monocrystalline Risun: This panel of the Risun brand is the most powerful solar module we have. With an impressive peak power of 370W, it surpasses all polycrystalline models in the 24V range and is perfect for installations in field houses, homes, industrial buildings and for both isolated and networked systems. It allows us to take better advantage of the space since it has the same size as a 330W model. It consists of 72 monocrystalline silicon cells, thanks to which it has a superior production and maintaining a very attractive price. The 370W 24V Risun solar panel offers the best performance of all 24V and 72 cell solar panels, producing a maximum current of 9.23A at 40.1V, an advance compared to its 330W predecessors. It incorporates 90cm of 4mm section cable with a standard MC4 connector at the end of each pole for easy connection

1x Inverter Charger + MPPT Regulator 3000W 48V MPPT 60A Voltronic Axpert MKS : The Voltronic Inverter charger  offers a very useful solution for isolated photovoltaic systems, since it allows all system components to be integrated into the same device. It also has an LCD screen that allows you to see a lot of information: charging status, battery voltage, real-time output and input amps, panel production, etc. It shows a small scheme that indicates how energy flows through the system. The inverter is pure wave sinusoidal, the battery charger supports a generator or external power grid to charge or cover consumption and has a maximum load of 60A at 48V with automatic actuation contact for generators that support it and also a regulator MPPT load of 60A to which we will connect the panels to get the maximum production. The inverter warranty is 2 years

2x Battery Lithium Pylontech 48V 2,4kWh: This lithium battery of 48V is a great option given its wide compatibility with many investors in the market. With a 48V voltage, the Pylontech rack range is available in 2.4kWh unit modules that can be connected in parallel to achieve more capacity. These models give us an added advantage to our isolated or self-consumption installation, its great durability and no maintenance are a guarantee of quality. The useful energy stored is up to 2.2kWh per battery module because thanks to lithium technology it is possible to work with common discharges of 80% of the total capacity, offering many years of life and a higher number of cycles compared to the batteries of lead.

1x Structure Solar panels metal cover Structure on metal roof or inclined roof: The structure on metal roof or for inclined surface is perfect for the occasions in which the roof of the installation site has an optimal orientation and inclination. It can be of metal surface, a sandwich panel or concrete surface, since this structure basically consists of stringers to place the panels. The structure that we include for this solar kit includes all the necessary hardware for the assembly of the solar panels to it, except for what is necessary for the anchoring of the structure itself to the roof or floor, since it will be a function of this surface. The structure has a very simple assembly manual. If you need another type of structure in your kit, contact us so that we can budget and change depending on your needs

Solar Radox Cable of 4mm2 and 10 meters of Black Cable  The 4mm2 cable is used in the solar installations between the panels to make the parallels in the delivier of current or to carry the energy of the same up to the charge regulator. It is very important not to exceed the energy limitations that the cable can support, since a section lower than what our system needs could have an overheating due to the current currents that are handled. This cable supports high operating voltages so it is perfect for connecting series in grid connection systems or with hybrid inverters. 

5 meters of Red Cable 16mm2 and 5 meters of Black Cable  16mm2 The cable of 16mm2 is used in solar installations that have a considerable amount of power. They serve to carry the energy from the power distributor to the charge regulator or from it to the batteries. It is very important not to exceed the energy limitations that the cable can support, since a section lower than what our system needs could have an overheating due to the current currents that are handled. This cable supports high operating voltages and a higher current intensity than the 10mm cable, making it perfect for interconnecting charge regulators and batteries or for high distances, to prevent a large voltage drop.  PowerFlex 16mm2 cable is from the Top Cable brand; It has a double coating made of halogen-free rubber with a high resistance to chemical agents, oils, ultraviolet rays and supports immersion in water. The Powerflex  cable is a class 5 flexible cable prepared for low voltage up to 1000V. Its conductor is tin plated electrolytic copper, and thanks to the design of its materials, it can be installed in all kinds of environmental conditions: wet and dry areas, outdoor installation, buried, and even submerged in water (AD8), without affecting the useful life

1x Distributor and watertight box for panel connection: To make the parallels of the panels in a simple, reliable and expandable, we attach the 2-pole splitter and its sealed box where we will install it. It should be placed as close as possible to the group of solar panels in order to join the wiring of all of them in a single pair of positive and negative cables. In this way we can make a drop of only one cable per pole to the charge regulator (this down cable will be larger than the one installed between the solar panels and the power distributor, since it will pass through the sum of the all photovoltaic modules, it is very useful because it allows to make clean installations with a saving of important wiring.

2x MC4 Connectors Panels. They are a type of connector compatible with the terminal that is already included in the solar panel. A metallic rod is inserted into the male and female MC4 terminals inside the plastic body of the connector. It is necessary to peel a piece of cable equivalent to 1 cm and crimp it to the metal sheet. It is inserted inside the body of the connector until we hear a click. At this time we will know that the connector has been properly installed because if we pull the cable slightly it will no longer exit.

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