Solar Panels

Please Call for Latest pricing on Solar Panels, from Bosch, Luxor, SunTech, GT Solar, Haeron, Kyocera, 


Please be advised you must contact us  prior to all orders of Solar Panels within Spain and across Europe. Whilst a online  shipping price will be calculated it will not be correct because of Volumetric Rates applied by couriers ! Plus added Insurance Costs.!

We now have very good shipping .rates across Spain and Portugal but please remember delivery must be to a Main Town or Village address where the panels can be off loaded with a forklift truck. Someone has to sign for the delivery also. Country side, Campo , Fincas  or a Yurt half way up a mountain and not allowed.

Many of our customers use a local business where they have made prior arrangements with to facilitate this

CSUN-260-60P-MC POWER EXCELLENCE The CSUN-260-60P-MC module guarantees a positive output tolerance on every module from […
C Electrical Characteristics STC Power Rating 320W PTC Power Rating 280.1W 1 STC Power per unit of area 160.1W/m2 (…
A pair of MC3 style connectors for use with PV Panels fitted with these connections. Can be crimped with normal crimper or and …
A pair of generic MC4 type solar plug connectors for use with PV Panels. This universal pair, 1 male + 1 female can accept conduct…
MC 4 Criming Pliers for use with MC4 style connectors with 2.5mm to 6mm conections. Not suitable for 4mm only conectors Als…
MC4 Crimping tool for MC Connector with universal 2.5 to 6mm wire guage. Complete with 10 pairs of MC4 connectors
A pair of multifunctional spanners (wrench) for use with MC4 type solar plugs. Assists in tightening the cable strain relief an…
 A pair of MC4 T Branch Connectors 1 x 2 male 1 female and 1 x 2 female 1 male connectors. Used to parallel up two strings of pan…
 A pair of Panel type  MC4 Solar Panel Connectors . One Male One Female. up to 6mm wire size can be soldered of Crimped using…
ARUN  SERIES    Type:  36/72 cell Mono/polycrystalline solar PV module Application: Telecommunication and Radio Rela…