Solarbox 12/3B


Product Code: SOLFEWVB9

SolarBox is an “all-in-1” photovoltaic solution, which contains, in a single device, the most advanced electronic and solar energy accumulation systems, to manage your energy consumption with maximum efficiency and completely automatically, generating you significant savings and reducing the CO2 emission of your home or office between 60% and 90%.


The SolarBox 12 consists of three different boxes, in which the following elements are incorporated:

A rack mounted and wired with:
3 Pylontech US-2000 Plus Lithium Batteries.
1 Voltronic Inverter / Charger Model Axpert MKS 3k-48.
A set consisting of:
12 photovoltaic modules of 60 cells of 6 inches with a power of 270W each module.
Four sets of structures for fixing 3 photovoltaic modules that allow mounting at 30º, 40º, or coplanar on a sloping roof that is properly oriented.
A spike of earth with its auxiliary elements.
4x15m DC wiring with pre-assembled MC4 links for continuous (two positive and two negative cables)
2x20m auxiliary wiring for grounding.
2x5m auxiliary grounding wiring for connection between structures.
The system includes the necessary protections in DC and AC, with 8 16A fuses, and a disconnector on the DC side and a circuit breaker and a differential on the AC side. The system is ready to connect to the DC wiring coming from the panels via MC4 quick links to facilitate connection work.

It also has an auxiliary power input in case you want to connect a generator set or charge the batteries with the mains, the system being ready to receive additional power.

Finally, it has an AC outlet to supply the consumption points.

The set is mounted screwed on pallet for easy transport. The set comes with 4 additional wheels in case you want to replace the pallet with them in order to make it movable.

The brain of the system is the charger inverter that is in the rack above the batteries. This equipment performs the following functions:

When the demand for electricity is lower than the energy coming from the panels, the Inverter / charger charges the Batteries with excess energy over the instantaneous demand to store energy ready for later use. It also transforms the energy into DC from the photovoltaic panels to meet the demand for electricity.
When the demand is higher than the photovoltaic generation, the Inverter / Charger transforms the energy of the Battery stored in DC into AC at 220V to supply, together with the contribution of photovoltaic solar energy to the demand.
If we have connected an auxiliary power source, be it a group or a mains, when the battery voltage drops below a certain level, the system charges the batteries with the auxiliary source, with a maximum of 15 A that is approximately equivalent to 750W, so the connection of a larger auxiliary equipment would not charge the batteries faster.

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