TAB OPzS stationary Cells


OPzS cell Batteries

Stationary batteries OPzS type are intended to be used for power supply in telecommunications facilities, computers, emergency lights, alarm, monitoring and control systems in power plants and distribution stations, at railway stations, airports, etc ...

Due to its extremely low self-discharge, are optimal in solar installations.


Our TAB OPzS batteries are distinguished by:

  • its high capacity
  • long half-life
  • reduced maintenance
  • low self-discharge
  • acid level control simple and fast
  • low water consumption
  • dimensions and weights adjusted
  • the lowest and constant float current

Individual items (2 V) and blocks (6 V and 12 V) are contained in containers made ​​estirenoacrilnitrilo (SAN), a material that is extremely resistant to the influences electrochemical and mechanical damage. Stationary batteries are 


MAINTENANCE EVERY 6 MONTH » Check battery voltage, pilot block voltage, temperature EVERY 12 MONTH » Take down battery voltage, block voltage, temperature

Brand:TAB Battery Code:2 OPzS 100 Voltage:2V Capacity:107@C10 152@C100 Measurements:103 x 206 x 420 Weight Wet:13,7 kg Weigh…
Brand:TAB Battery Code:3 OPzS 150 Voltage:2V Capacity:155@C10 225@C100 Measurements:103 x 206 x 420 Weight Wet:16,00 kg Weig…
Brand:TAB Battery Code:4OPzS 200 Voltage:2V Capacity:208@C10 304@C100 Measurements:103 x 206 x 420 Weight Wet:16,00 kg Weigh…
Brand:TAB Battery Code:5OPzS 250 Voltage:2V Capacity:259@C10 380@C100 Measurements:103 x 206 x 420 Weight Wet:22,00 kg Weigh…