Trojan 6V SPRE 06 415 Deep Cycle Solar Flooded


Product Code: TROCAZ3796

Manufacturer: Trojan Battery

Trojan 6V Flooded Battery - SPRE 06 415

Trojan, Deep Cycle FLooded/Advanced Lead Acid Battery, Premium Line, 6V, 415Ah @ 100Hr, SPRE 06 415

Trojan's Solar Premium line of deep cycle lead-acid batteries with Smart Carbon are optimized for renewable energy applications, such as solar PV, small wind, and micro-grid. They have heavy-duty separators and plates designed for longer life. Rated at 1,900 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. Using the IEC 61427 standard for renewable energy storage these batteries have an 8 year lifespan. They feature a full warranty up to two years and are prorated up to five years.

For enhanced life and improved performance in applications operating in Partial State of Charge (PSOC), Trojan's Industrial and Premium Line batteries now feature Smart Carbon technology to improve partial state-of-charge performance and longevity. Trojan's propriety carbon formula, Smart Carbon, increases the electrochemically active surface area which enhances charge acceptance and efficiency in applications where the batteries are not fully recharged on a regular basis.


  • Safety - Calcium grid allow reduces gas emissions. Flame arresting one-way pressure relief vent prevents buildup is optimized for high power density.
  • Efficient - Low internal resistance for higher discharge current and higher charging efficiency. Expected 8 year life expectancy based on IEC 61427.
  • Flexible - Maintenance free design with optimum performance.
Electrical Data  
Voltage: 2 Volts
Energy: 2.51 kWh
Capacity Amp-Hours (Ah)  
10 Hour Rate: 346Ah
20 Hour Rate: 377Ah
48 Hour Rate: 401Ah
72 Hour Rate: 410Ah
100 Hour Rate: 415Ah




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