Waaree 200W 24V Arun Series

  • Product Code WAAREE200/24


Type:  36/72 cell Mono/polycrystalline solar PV module


Telecommunication and Radio Relay Stations, Telemetry systems, Defence and Offshore Devices, Signage and Outdoor Media, Standalone Systems for Homes not connected to Grid, Power packs for Telemetry Stations, Billboard Lighting, Portable Mobile Phone Chargers, Street & Outdoor Lighting, Home & Indoor Lighting, Community Lighting, Solar Lanterns: LED, CFL, Standalone Power Packs, Railway Signaling, Surveillance Camera, Rural Electrification, Backup Power Systems.

Key Features

  • Superior Module Efficiency as per International Benchmarks
  • Positive Power Tolerance


Nominal Maximum Power, Pm (W)  -200W

Open Circuit Voltage, Voc (V)  - 44.53

Short Circuit Current, Isc (A) - 6.00

Voltage at Maximum Power, Vmp (V) - 36.10

Current at Maximum Power, Imp (A) - 5.55

Module Efficiency (%) - 13.56

Maximum Series Fuse Rating (A) - 15

Limiting Reverse Current (A) - 15

Length x Width x Thickness (LxWxT)-mm - 1490 x 990 x 42

Weight (kg) - 17.5