About Prism Solar

We are a family business located near Tortosa, Catalunya, Spain. We have been living successfully off grid on our finca since 2005.

Prism Solar’s foundations lie in designing and building of Off Grid Power Boards. From these building blocks we strive to source the best equipment and balance of system parts that are essential in making a safe efficient home power generating machine.

Some of the benefits using Prism Solar can bring to your off grid system:

  • Correct DC Fusing (circuit breakers) of components is an essential part of all our systems installs.
  • Sizing a system correctly first time in order to fulfill the client needs always works out less costly in the long term.
  • Correct operation of a systems leads to longer life and no power black outs. Therefore system monitoring is essential and always part of our installs.
  • Earthing and lightning protection are critical areas that are often overlooked, we always recommend installing these.
  • A knowledge and skill are required to blend the best available components together. To perform as they should !
  • We design systems that are modular, get the foundation blocks right and your system can expand over time as funds permit.
  • We will tell you what you need, not what we can sell you, there are many variable solutions to problems which can be applied.
  • We install and fit to a standard and not to price. It works out cheaper in the long term.
  • Our online shop is full of equipment we use on our installations.
  • Buying from us gives you a satisfaction that the products fitted are the best available for your budget and good value for money .
  • Our customers can call us for free advice and technical help via emails and telephone support
  • As an installer unlike many competitors we hold our own stock (see our online shop.) We don’t ask for deposits and then purchase the equipment.
  • Solar Panels listed online are in stock! We also have access to the largest range of EU stock panels from other manufacturers with a 1 working day availability!
  • Batteries are non stock items by choice! We have 3 distributors with a maximum 3 working day delivery time. This ensures our battery storage stock is always fresh.

Read some of our testimonials

Real words from happy customers!
  • His knowledge and professionalism was fantastic. We will be using Prism Solar for all of our energy needs from now on. I can’t recommend the company high enough.
  • There are many companies selling and installing solar systems its only in an emergency do you find out the ones you can rely on!
  • First class service and great pricing. The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. Would recommend without hesitation.
  • I cannot thank Callum at Prism enough for their supply of products and professional after sales service! Highly recommend this company for anyone needing solar products, Spain wide service.
    Karen O'HaganFacebook Review
  • We have had a new solar system with lithium batteries installed by Callum for our home in Spain. The fast delivery and service and also for a good price! Super we are very satisfied and recommend this company to everyone!
    Cilia Koleno Google Review
  • The service from Callum was excellent. Installation was quick, clean and on the date and time specified. Callum returned a couple of weeks later to answer the questions we didn’t know we had at installation
    Trish Mellor Google Review
  • Great family company, superb work by Callum. Highly recommend for any off grid solutions.
    Simon TurnerGoogle Review
  • I have been a customer since 2012 and I have only good things to say. Good service, fast deliveries and knowledgeable!
    Jonas AgerbjerFacebook Review
  • Been dealing with Callum and Prism Solar for a number of years, fantastic service and after sales support . Top quality equipment at competitive prices . I’ve recommended Callum’s company to several friends who have all had great results from their installations.
    Brian DowlingFacebook Review
  • We got in touch with Callum, from Prism Solar, with little idea of ​​photovoltaic systems and battery storage. After explaining the idea to Callum, he designed a system of solar panels plus Li-ion batteries that perfectly covered the requirements we imposed on ourselves. When the week came to install the system with all the material available at home, we decided to expand the system to accommodate a plug-in electric car, as we see it as the future of medium-term road transport. We alerted Callum within 48 hours, and after a significant logistical effort made it possible. In short, Callum is a professional who listens to your needs and makes you the best technical proposal to cover them. We do not know if there are better quality / price systems available, but if we know that we are very satisfied with all the service we have received and the quality / price of the system installed.
    Jordi BorràsGoogle Review
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