TAB TOPzS Deep Cycle Batteries


TAB Range  TOPzS Solar Batteries


Average Life Expectancy in Optimal Conditions & Operation is 15 years.


The number before the TOPzS is the number  of positive Tubular Plates in the 2v Cell


The number after the TOPzS indicates the amp hour rating @ C10 rate of the 2v Cell 


IE  4 TOPzS 353 has 4 positive tubular plates and a capacity of 353 ah @ C10 


The  TOPZS batteries are distinguished for:
  • High capacity
  • Long life time
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Low self-discharging
  • Quick and simple acid level control
  • Economical water consumption
  • Appropriate dimensions and weight
  • The lowest and constant maintenance current
  • Because of there extremly low self discharge are optimal in solar installations
  • Manufactured according to DIN 40736, EN 60896 and IEC 896-1
  • Includes Battery Interconnects
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty



TAB TOPzS Solar Deep Cycle Batteries Brochure PDF




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